International Legume Inoculant Genebank (ILIG)

The International Legume Inoculant Genebank (ILIG) is the national repository for Australia's genebank of rhizobia strains, forming the basis of the commercial inoculant manufacturing industry.

The purpose-built facility housing the ILIG collection is based at Murdoch University, Perth in Western Australia, and contains lyophilised strains sourced from local, national and global locations.

Strain collection began in the 1950s, with many accessions housed in the ILIG now irreplaceable due to limitations on collection and importation of biological materials and restricted access to original source locations.

The ILIG is funded by the Grains Development and Research Corporation (GRDC) and managed by the Legume Rhizobium Sciences (LRS) at Murdoch University.

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Information on strains in the ILIG is provided via this searchable online catalogue. For queries or access to strains in the collection, please contact

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